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    Coaching is a new media particularly suited to individuals who seek to improve their moderate or high functioning, and move to the next level in one or several areas of their personal and/or business lives. It is also appropriate for those who feel successful in some areas of their lives, but less successful in other areas (e.g. financially successful but needing more life balance). It tends to be focused on goals, and on the present and future. It is action oriented, and assumes that the client is ready and able to take responsibility. At the same time, within the coaching relationship there is room to examine whatever barriers get in the way of you having what you want. Coaching differs significantly because people enter coaching to accelerate their movement towards chosen goals.

The positives gained from a Coach

* Accelerate your success.

* Strengthen leadership skills; and work more effectively with others.

* Learn to set more inspiring short and long term goals.

* Improve success ratio with less effort.

* Improve balance between your needs and your life and desires.

* Improve life’s meaningfulness and fulfillment.


Joel M. Rothaizer, Ph.D, describes the coaching process as:

* A collaboration built on a foundation of trust, honesty, respect, and openness.

* An effective, focused, and tailored handling of your specific needs.

* A positive, healthy orientation to where you are and want to advance.

* As a medium for those who are willing to take a healthier and deeper level of responsibility for their lives.

* A safe place to explore new possibilities, to move beyond self-imposed limits.

* An approach which is conducted either face-to-face or on the telephone. ... you and your Coach can be as visible or invisible as you like.

* Coaching is confidential within the limits of the law.

Key Benefits

bulletOpportunity to use resources of a neutral party.
bulletEnlarge your data base without increasing staff size.
bulletOpportunity to hear positive and negative views without the "what s/he wants to hear" or "I'll get fired if I say it's crazy".

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