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     Mediation - Alternative Dispute Resolution is used in Schools, Courts, Industry, and other fields to reach amicable agreements outside of the courtroom environment.

    Mediation is an informal and voluntary way of resolving disputes between tenants and landlords. It is also an alternative means of addressing conflicts before they lead to an administrative hearing. Mediation helps to promote communication between the parties by opening up dialogue, and fostering positive relations or feelings. Through the Mediation Process one takes a step-by-step movement geared toward achieving an equitable and suitable agreement around their differences. This process is  an alternative to an adversary approach which would create "hard feelings between partners".  Mediation, is between  cooperative adults who are restructuring their views toward the equitable achievement of their goal.

Both parties,  have the opportunity to communicate openly and directly with each other and  arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement. Participation is voluntary and private  ... which  includes only  the mediator and  parties involved in the dispute. All disputes are best resolved in a more informal setting, which is what mediation affords vs. litigation.

There are several advantages :

bulletThere are no filing fees  and few forms to complete.
bulletMediation is scheduled at your convenience, in co-operation with the other individual(s), .
bulletMediation is non-adversarial; both parties benefit.
bulletMediation can lead to a more positive relationship between the parties who contribute to outcome.
bulletMediation can address a wide range of issues, unless court ordered with a specific topic e.g. Custody, Visitation or Support.
bulletParties arrive at their own resolution rather than having a decision imposed upon them.

Key Benefits

bulletResolution of the issues
bulletActive participation in the solution
bulletOpportunity to peacefully air differences

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