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Forensic Psychology involves the  court features of Competency to Stand Trial, Mental Status at Time of Offense (sanity or Insanity) plus evaluation and counseling, if needed.
Diagnostic (Psychological) Testing
Diagnostic testing is the use of Psychological Assessment Tools in locating trouble areas to assist the client in self-understanding.  These techniques are used to examine Vocational Interest, Academic Achievement, Aptitude, Intelligence, Perceptual Motor functioning, Work Readiness or preparation and Marital Stability.
Consultation - Coaching   
Consultation and Coaching are used to help individuals reach a  level of self-satisfaction in the area(s) of their focus: work, education, motivation, public speaking, publication and many other avenue's.  However, this function differs from psychotherapy in that it's focus is not approached from a view of emotional disturbance but rather from a desire to achieve more self-assurance in their life's direction.
Dispute Resolution - Mediation
Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution: The goal is one of  improving essential working relationships through  the peaceful process of   resolving business, family, educational, legal and interpersonal disputes, utilizing  non-adversarial means. 
Psychotherapy is the process of applying one or more clinical techniques in treating mental and emotional frustrations.
Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
CISM deals with crisis services in time of trauma.  It is a comprehensive, multi-component approach of reducing and preventing critical incident flashbacks.
Suicide Prevention Training (QPR) 
Approved QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) method of Suicide Prevention Training. This system deals with the recognition, questioning techniques and referral actions to take as a prevention of Suicide.  This training is not Therapy but a very effective method of training the "non professional" how to intervene and "save a life".


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